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Presenting content from your laptop, tablet or phone is a common part of business meetings and training rooms.

But searching for the remote, turning the video on, selecting the right input and adjusting the volume are distractions that waste time and make your meetings less effective.

The systems traditionally used to automate these activities are ridiculously expensive and require labor intensive installation and custom programming.

AV GUI is an iPad app that ties it all together with a simple network connection. With just one tap you can start holding effective meetings and stop worrying about the technology.

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Your audiovisual system is all planned out. You've decided how big the display will be. You've chosen your input sources and decided where to install everything.

Now you need to decide how to control it all. If you have special needs, you may need a control processor and custom programming. But if you just need standard, simple control, you've come to the right place.

Maybe you have used a traditional control system in the past and wondered, "Why can I do so much with my smart phone and tablet, but need a programmer and special hardware to turn a TV on and off?".

After programming control systems for over a decade, we asked ourselves the same question. The truth is, there are times when a traditional control system makes sense. They are perfect for complex systems or when project requirements are unclear.

But most AV systems are not complex. They all share similar requirements that can easily be set up with the right interface.

AV GUI uses the power of your iPad to control devices directly over the network. It has a fixed menu structure that takes the guesswork out of designing a user interface. You always know how the interface will look with AV GUI.

It is flexible enough to meet the most common needs, but easy enough to set up so you won't get into trouble. Everything is configured right in the app, so you don't need any special software or programming skills. Anyone with a technical understanding of the system and light networking skills will be right at home with AV GUI.

But don't take our word for it. Try AV GUI now for free. Just download the app and click the "X" on the login screen for a free trial.

What do all AV systems have in common? They all need control.
Control programming continues to be one of the main challenges in getting AV projects done.

You're installers are great at what they do, but there are only so many hours in a day. And even a perfect installation won't work well without control.

You need a repeatable way to customize the interface and automate common functions without relying on a small group of programmers for every project.

If there were an easy way to offer control without special software or programming skills, how much faster would your projects get done?

If you could do it all with only an iPad and a network switch, how much more value could you offer your customers?

With AV GUI, you can do exactly that.

Control system programming is complicated.
There is no replacement for a freely programmable control processor when you need it. But writing custom code takes time - something most projects do not have a lot of.

Even if you reuse a programming template, it still needs to be customized, compiled, uploaded, and (after a reboot) tested and debugged.

That's why we made AV GUI. After over a decade of programming traditional control systems (which we still do when appropriate), we decided it was time to make a control solution that anyone can set up, using hardware anyone can order online.

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AV GUI is a great leap forward in control
as well as a step toward simplified control for the masses.

Tim Albright, AVNation

Changing the text, icons, colors or logo couldn't be easier.
Set up buttons to send and receive commands right in the app.
A minimal design helps users quickly find what they need.

Flat out brilliant!

Rich Fregosa, Fregosa Design

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